Why Worldwide Advisers?

We want you to get the best advice on your biggest and most important decisions

Worldwide Advisers are your first choice for finding a financial adviser anywhere in the world, because we’ve done all the legwork for you. We’ve attracted independent advisers and financial services firms from around the globe. We’ve developed a unique search facility that accurately matches your individual requirements to an individual adviser’s specialist areas.

We’ve also asked that their previous customers to provide honest and straightforward feedback about the levels of advice and service they provide; and we’ve made connecting you to your chosen adviser as simple as possible.

Worldwide Advisers is constantly growing and attracting reputable firms and individuals every week, all of whom are here to provide expertise and tp advise you on your individual financial needs.

Our service is FREE and is the only one of its kind internationally.

Finding the right adviser for you

You can search for an adviser by location or specialism. So if you’re looking for a long-term care specialist in Dubai, a female adviser in Australia, a European pension specialist, or someone to manage your existing portfolio they’re all just a few clicks away.


The different types of adviser


There are two types of advisers: those who are tied to a company that supplies its own financial products and solutions; and those who are independent. Tied advisers may have an association with a product provider, so may have a more limited range or choice of products and options, but may be able to offer branded products only available through their company.
Independent advisers can offer you solutions from across the whole marketplace. Advice you receive from an independent adviser will be fully impartial.
We list both types of advisers on our site as there are benefits associated with both tied and independent advice.

Remember: nothing beats a review!

Finding the right financial adviser can be challenging. You’ll certainly want to know that they are qualified and able to offer proven advice in the areas you are looking for advice on. That’s why we encourage advisers to get reviewed by their clients. The reviews happen after the adviser has carried out their work with a client – which means you get honest and impartial feed back concerning what they were like to deal with and how good that advice was!

We’re the first choice when you need financial advice

There is no other service on the internet which provides a gateway to international fnancial advisers in the way that Worldwide Advisers does. We have gone out of our way to attract advisers and their companies to Worldwide Advisers, saving you hours of painful and laborious searching, by delivering all the options to you in an easy to use and easy to understand format.

Want some advice from us?

There are a few things we’ve thought about regarding how to choose the right adviser for you. It’s some helpful background thoughts and a handy checklist.

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