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Keren Bobker DipPFS
Senior Partner
Financial UAE (Holborn Assets LLC) (independent)
I offer an independent, ethical, unbiased and professional advice with the emphasis firmly on personalised advice, rather than selling. A friendly service from an experienced adviser with an excellent reputation. I also have a weekly column in The National newspaper and a monthly spot on Dubai Eye radio. Probably the best known adviser in the UAE.
 United Arab Emirates
Initial Consultation

I have more than 25 years experience in providing independent financial advice, the majority of this in the UK, a highly regulated environment. I hold the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) Financial Planning Certificate, Advanced Financial Planning Certificate, CeMap (the recognised mortgage qualification) and various specialist diplomas and examinations and am a member of the Personal Finance Society. Although I am no longer UK (FCA) authorised as I work in the UAE, I have more than enough qualifications to do so., being level 4 RDR qualified.

There is little in the way of compliance and regulation in the UAE, so it is particularly important to ensure that you are entrusting your future to someone who is properly qualified, with more than the very minimum required to practice in a home country. My profession has been tarnished in the UAE by unscrupulous salespeople, but many of us are highly ethical in our working practices and guard our reputations carefully.

You can find more information about my professional background in LinkedIn and my own website and read testimonials from clients.

I have run many workshops and seminars on financial planning issues for expats generally, and also for women specifically. There is never a charge for an initial meeting and I am always happy to meet for a chat to see how I can assist.

I work on either a fee or commission based, depending on circumstances and requirements, and look forward to the tightening of regulations in the UAE in the next couple of years.

In addition to my main role as an Independent Financial Adviser, I write a column in the Personal Finance section of The National newspaper, published every Saturday, entitled On Your Side in which I resolve personal financial and consumer issues. This has now been running for over eight years. I also write other financial articles for The National, have appeared in many other publications including Gulf News, Aquarius, Esquire Middle East, Time Out Dubai, Good Taste, What’s On and Good magazines as well as on the BBC website. I have a regular guest spot of the Dubai Today show on Dubai Eye 103.8FM on the second Monday of every month.

Above all I see my role as advising people on how to get the best out of their finances, how to protect their family and how to achieve their goals with practical and honest advice. I work with people over the long term and provide in-depth investment reviews using professional tools that are rarely used in the UAE. I have been living in Dubai for over 10 years so I have detailed knowledge of the country and this is useful when providing holistic advice for the long term.

Advice provided on: personal financial planning, savings and investments, UK and offshore pensions (SIPPs & QROPS), life cover, medical insurance, critical illness cover, offshore banking, mortgages (UK & UAE), currency transfers, UK tax issues, education funding, exit planning and strategies, and shareholder and partnership protection.


Advanced Diploma
Chartered Insurance Institute
United Kingdom
Diploma in Financial Planning
Chartered Insurance Institute
United Kingdom
Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
United Kingdom
Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice
Chartered Institute of Bankers
United Kingdom

I run my own business under the umbrella of Holborn Assets LLC, an independent financial broker. Holborn has been operating for over 16 years, is head quartered in Dubai with offices in several countries, including a UK office regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

Holborn is one of the best known brokers in Dubai, is regulated with internal compliance procedures, and is independently owned. As well as offering advice to individuals, we also have a specialised employee benefit division that focuses om medical insurance for companies, and an experienced mortgage department that arranges finance in both the UK and UAE.

PO Box 333851
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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 United Arab Emirates
Regulator Name: Insurance Authority (IA)
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Company Regulatory Reference Number (CRRN): 180
Personal Regulatory Reference Number (PRRN): 0

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United Arab Emirates

7 Reviews from clients

Average 4.86 out of 5 (7 reviews)
Jason L -  Feb 1, 2017 -  United Arab Emirates
4 out of 5
"Keren exudes professionalism and has consistently proven to offer good counsel. In contrast to other advisers I have encountered, she gives you the strong impression she genuinely has your best interests at heart, rather than being influenced by what would constitute the most lucrative route for her. She knows both this market and her field, with the result that she builds trust and confidence."
Cameron C -  Jan 31, 2017 -  United Arab Emirates
5 out of 5
"Keren has been a trusted advisor for over a decade, and her responsiveness, clarity and candour are very much appreciated. I would (and do) gladly recommend her to clients and friends on a regular basis. "
Debbie S -  Jan 27, 2017 -  United Arab Emirates
5 out of 5
"I have known Keren Bobker personally for the last 12 years, she has been our Independent Financial Adviser for about the last 7 years. Keren is one of the most professional people I have ever met in this industry. What motives her in her career is not her personal gain but to ensure that her clients are well prepared financially for any event that may happen in their lives. She is well informed, knowledgeable and most importantly 100% trustworthy. Knowing her both personally and professionally for so many years, I can honestly say that I don't even know who her other clients are. We have always been happy with the advice she has offered hers and have recommended her to many people over the years. She has a sound reputation and track record, with a passion ensuring peoples finances are secure. Many thanks."
Thank you!
Emma B -  Jan 31, 2017 -  United Arab Emirates
5 out of 5
"Keren is very approachable and has a wealth of information that she is always willing to share. I always use her for any financial advice required and highly recommend her services to others. "
Jess M -  Jan 31, 2017 -  United Kingdom
5 out of 5
"I have used Keren on a number of occasions, in a wide range of capacities and have always found her to be very knowledgeable, competent, efficient and extremely professional. I would not only return back to her should I require her services again, but I have recommended her to various other people. She has a high level of integrity and an excellent reputation within the industry. Many thanks Keren, for all your help and support!"
Lisette M -  Jan 31, 2017 -  United Kingdom
5 out of 5
"Keren Bobker has been providing us with invaluable Investment & Tax advice for pretty much the duration of our stay in the United Arab Emirates. We have always found her the consummate, extremely knowledgeable professional, offering sound and practical advice relating to both UK Tax matters and those in the United Arab Emirates. Her input has certainly helped us protect our assets and investments and helped ensure we left in a healthy financial state."
Shireen M -  Feb 6, 2017 -  United Arab Emirates
5 out of 5
"Keren Bobker has been an invaluable adviser. She is approachable, accommodating and honest, truly refreshing traits in this industry. Her knowledge is extensive and up-to-date. We have recommended her to numerous friends, and like us, they have been hugely appreciative of her services. "