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Christopher Wicks BA (Hons) Chartered Financial Planner
Director & Chartered Financial Planner
Bridgewater Financial Services Limited (independent)
I am a UK regulated Chartered Financial Planner and Specialist Qualified Pension Adviser based in Sale, Cheshire. I look after individual and corporate clients both in the UK and globally where requested.
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I am a Chartered Financial Planner based in Cheshire UK, dealing with professional clients worldwide.

My specialisms for individual clients are retirement and investment planning. I frequently advise individual clients on the best way to access their pension benefits on retirement and whether transferring their pension would be of benefit to them.

For business owners, I specialise in pensions, employee benefits and succession planning. I set up and restructure pension and employee benefit schemes for business clients and ensure that ownership of the business remains in the right hands should something unfortunate happen to one of the owners.

Overseas, I particularly specialise in the International Schools sector, visiting schools worldwide and providing impartial professional advice to teachers on retirement planning and matters such as UK Tax, National Insurance, medical and travel insurance. I travel out to see the schools once or twice a year and provide a central point of contact irrespective of where the teachers may move.


Chartered Financial Planner
Personal Finance Society
United Kingdom

Bridgewater aims to provide a highly personalised service to clients who value having direct access to an experienced financial planner rather than the more impersonal and less bespoke service that can be expected from large financial institutions.

We are independent financial advisers in Sale Cheshire. We serve clients throughout the UK and overseas and place the care of our existing clients at the heart of our business rather than the constant quest for new clients. Our clients frequently require retirement advice, tax efficient investment, risk management and insurance as well as estate planning. These are best covered in within a comprehensive and regularly reviewed financial plan that ensures all requirements are provided for in a coherent manner.

We recognise that some clients require more narrow advice and we are happy to provide this where needed. Typical examples include the use of pensions for property purchase or restructure of business finances and advice on annuity options on retirement. We are specialist qualified pension consultants and able to provide creative solutions to help business owners combine retirement provision with the the achievement of their business objectives. We also frequently act for clients who wish to consolidate their pensions and investments or who are unhappy with their investment performance.

Whether we are providing comprehensive financial planning advice or transactional financial advice we follow clear processes and use sophisticated software to enable us to analyse our clients requirements and provide recommendations that meet their needs.

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United Kingdom
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Regulator Name: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
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Company Regulatory Reference Number (CRRN): 513392
Personal Regulatory Reference Number (PRRN): CGW00003

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