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James Hartland Certified Financial Planner (TM)
Managing Director
Astraasia (independent)
We are a boutique firm providing a personal service to each of our clients. We operate differently to the large insurance companies that dominate the market in Asia and provide a more comprehensive & independent service focused on the client rather than selling products.
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From investments to insurance, Astraasia has extensive expertise in providing independant financial planning for clients from all walks of life. Our team is focused on providing a personalised service that is designed to meet the requirements of our most sophisticated clients while being affordable and accessible to even our modest customers.

We have an international team with a wide range of experience making sure that we can give each of our clients a personalized service to suit their needs.

As managers of wealth, who provide investment advice, we support the most important financial decisions a private individual or business is likely to make. We hire the best in class fund managers to run specific areas of diversified portfolios over the long term. Short-­term performance variations are not a key consideration. Our investment team are based in-house but work independently from the sales operation and make an ultimate decision in terms of research and selection of investments.


Associates Degree - Finance and Financial Management
United Kingdom
Financial Planning and Services
United Kingdom

Enjoy an expert and flexible approach to managing your financial lifestyle for both domestic and international clients.

We offer advice based on our structured advisory process, comprehensive investment services and a wide product spectrum, that can be tailored to clients’ needs. Whether you are starting a family or planning to retire, looking to fund your retirement, your children’s or grandchildren’s education or the purchase of a home, or indeed seeking to address health care needs, you need a wealth plan. Our financial advisers work with clients to create this roadmap to their future, adapting to changing circumstances over time, helping them achieve and protect their goals.

We can provide:

• Retirement planning
• Portfolio management
• Saving
• Protection
• Investment property
• Mortgage solutions
• Education fee planning
• Estate planning & Wills
• Cash management

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Level 22, suite 22c, tower One Triangle
6767 Ayala Avenue
Manilla, Philippines
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Regulator Name: Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (PSEC)
Regulator Website: http://www.sec.gov.ph
Company Regulatory Reference Number (CRRN): PG201504148
Personal Regulatory Reference Number (PRRN): PG201504148

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