Worldwide Advisers Subscription Plans

Listing Membership
Active Membership
Advertised in
Google Adwords
Appear in WWA
search results
Lead cost
£69 *
* Requires a Google Adwords spend

What's the difference between the two plans?

The really big difference is that the Listing plan is a passive approach whereby potential new clients can search and filter for an adviser, then view the profile and contact you. The Active plan reaches out into paid online advertising systems to find new clients that specifically match your location and your specialist advice areas.

How does an Active Membership work?

Active Membership allows you drive new clients to your profile page by utilising Google Adwords (paid advertising in Google).

Google Adwords shows a link to your profile page in response to searches made by the public, as in the example below:

We will also work with you to ensure your keywords and your profile work in an optimal way, helping you the highest possible click-to-lead rate.

What keywords should I choose?

The first thing to do is pick one region, usually your local area, where your ads will physically appear. We then work with to determine the right keywords for your particular specialism.

Google will check your profile to ensure that it includes the keywords you have selected. Furthermore, the better your profile, the better your conversion rate. We will work with you the help you achieve this.

Should you need to drive traffic and leads from another region, please contact us to discuss how this can be achieved.

Why do this with WWA?

Firstly, and most importantly, we have specialist teams here to help advise you every step of the way.

Through all of our operational knowledge and research we can advise you on what the best words are that will make clicks convert to enquiries and we can work with you to ensure that your profile page is working as hard as it possibly can to get those leads.

The other major advantage of a WWA Active Membership is that your own, or your company’s website, will by its nature be more generic, as it focuses on your general company offer and not your individual specialisms. With your WWA landing page, you can really focus upon what makes you unique and why clients should come flocking to you!

Plus, if your company already runs an Adwords campaign, then you get two bites of the cherry, as your WWA landing page is a unique url bespoke to you.

So what else can I do with my WWA profile?

Because you link direct to territories and specialisms, your WAA profile is a fantastic tool to manage your territorial expansion. As you can use WWA to test your company’s offer in other territories and attract customers without going through the expense of setting up an office there before you have a viable customer base.

Adwords and how to drive new business

So how does an Adwords campaign work?

The easiest way to think about your Adwords campaign is to liken it to going fishing.

You’re sitting on your boat, afloat on the Financial Sea and you know that there are potential new customers actively looking for advice on thousands of different financial matters across millions of square miles of water.

You need to ensure that you’re fishing in the right part of the sea, that you’re hooking the type customers and that your profile page is set-up to convert them and make them your own.

Go fishing with a WWA Active Plan.

It’s your way of sifting through the millions of fish, in order to only attract the ones you’re trying to catch. For example, if you specialise in investment advice for teachers working overseas, then the keywords you would go for would be focused around that. Which means that when these teachers are Googling information on who can help them with investment advice, your details pop-up in front of them.

And best of all, when they click on your advert and go through to your WWA profile page, if you’ve got your
profile right, they will be greeted with all of your relative skills and experience relating to your keywords. Not only that, but they will also see the endorsements of your previous clients singing your praises for expertly carrying our similar work for them; which all helps to significantly increase your new business enquiries.

How much should your Adwords budget be each month?

Well that really is the old ‘How long is a piece of string?’ question. You can only probably handle a certain amount of enquires every month, so start there. Think about what that figure would be and we’ll work with you to set a budget that aims to hit that level of business.

Don’t worry about controlling your spending though, as you can set a monthly or daily fixed cap on your spending.

The key thing is to make sure that you are appearing in the search results. You can see from this heat-map how important it is to get yourself up in the top listings, something easily achieved with good keyword selection.

Where you operate from in the world and what your keywords are will also have an effect on your budget - for example “Financial Adviser New York” will be a more popular search term than “Pension Transfer Brisbane”. So the latter will have a lower cost for every time a customer clicks through to your profile page.

It’s important to note that you only ever pay when a customer clicks through, you do not get charged for appearing in the Google search results.

Also the more you bid for your keywords, the higher the chance of you appearing in search results. Don’t worry though, our expert teams can help explain all this to you.

How will you know if it’s working?

Well, the first indication will be the statistics you can view on your homepage regarding the amount of times you have appeared in the search results for customers searching certain keywords or phrases. You can also download a weekly report showing your the amount and type of keywords that have been searched and the clicks through to your WWA profile page.

You will also see the amount of times people have clicked through to your WWA profile page. If your page is optimised correctly you should also be seeing lots of new customer’s faces.

We can work with you, giving you the benefit of our knowledge and experience, to ensure that all the dots of your customer’s journey are joined up and that searches become clicks to your WWA landing page and that they subsequently convert to leads.

How does a Listing Membership work?

With a Listing membership you will appear in the results on the WWA site when someone searches for advisers in your part of the world, with the advice areas that you specialise in. Once they click through to your profile, they can then read all about you and identify what services and expertise you offer. When the consumer the makes contact WWA will send you an email with the details of the type of enquiry that has been generated. You can then accept or reject the enquiry according to your own criteria.

Additionally, you have a search engine friendly profile page published on our site that anyone can visit directly. This page gets indexed in search engines and can appear in natural search results anywhere in the world. The page's content and keywords are optimised to your profile and with time can gain traction independently, bringing you leads. For example, if you have the word "qrops" in your profile and one of your operational countries is "Australia", you may show up in Google when someone types "qrops australia".